Friday, May 05, 2006


I found this poem one day while I was drifting randomly on the net...

Sigh!! they really make men like this one these days?

The Bee Box

In this small box, my love
you'll not find a ring,
but instead, a brave little bee.
He'll be dead by morn, having given his life
defending his flowers against me.
I felt his sting
while picking the small, purple pansies
growing wild along the roadside,
in hopes of an afternoon bouquet for you.
And I grieved the sting,
more for him than me,
knowing full well the price he paid
for my small pain.
And I allowed him his victory,
leaving his flowers as a memory,
and brought you instead
this brave little bee,
who proves there is love
even in the smallest
of things.

Lowell Parker


JP said...

I should hope not, the bee-killing cad!!! :p

Yasmine Claire said...

hmm....point point!!

Lowell Parker said...

"Sigh!! they really make men like this one these days?"

Truth be told, it was an imaginary speaker giving the bee to an imaginary lover. But the fantasy will be real if you believe it to be.

You can find a handful of my other poems at Thanks for posting my Bee Box.

Yasmine Claire said...

Oh Hey!!..great to hear from you..well just to say..I love the poem!