Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For a 50 word story challenge from Cafe Muravyets. It has to have the following words in it: downpour, moronic, mercifully, snagged, ripen

In the downpour, the Queen of Hearts mercifully became pulp. ‘Better than getting old and getting wrinkles that will ripen her into a prune’ said Alice. Having snagged the Queen's plans, she now wants to move on and get that moronic Mad Hatter captured and say ‘Off with his head!’

so have a look at: for other stuff, wonderful and suchlike.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lunch in Fridge

I was looking at Flash Fiction blogs and found a 50 word challenge to write a story about 'lunch in Fridge'. So here is mine:

Beautiful Rose is sleeping. Her busy ‘globetrotting on a broomstick’ stepmother has made sandwiches (Rose’s favourite: cheese, pickles and mushrooms) and fruit salad: strawberries, green grapes, cherries and a blood red apple. She has packed it all in Tupperware, stuck a Post It saying ‘Lunch In Fridge’ and flown away.

....I really need to think beyond fairy tale themes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ok it's not 55 words...

The mirror glowed, the mirror gleamed. The queen looked at her face and screamed. Wrinkles fine ran up and down, the smiling face now a frown. ‘I need blood’, she said, to put back that glow. ‘Find some silly maiden who spins, lock her in your room, and do what you do best; and please, not the skin white as snow type, you know what happened the last time’.

Bluebeard sighed. Maybe one day his story would be told.