Thursday, May 04, 2006

Brandon on Jack

Jack is a three legged brown devil who lives on my road. When he was very little, an auto ran over his leg and it had to be amputated. Anushya, his godmother, and I sat with him in the kennel in CUPA post op, and watched with every bit of our heart breaking while he whined in pain.

Today Jack is a total rascal who outruns all his friends-Tiger, Becky and Uruly and takes part in the local indo-pak war between Becky& gang and Blackie & gang.

One day when Brandon and I were waiting for the bus to come Brandon said “Miss Jasmine, can I ask you something?” . Jack and Tiger, more or less his height were standing next to him. “Yes, sure Brandon” I said. “Why does Jack have only three legs?” ..oops… Now Brandon cannot be fooled into believing stories …only the truth.

So I told him about what happened when he was very little. Brandon’s eyes grew round and began to get a little watery. Now, Brandon is a child who is allergic to everything under the sun including the sun. Very often his eyes water and it can be because of dust, the sun, dog fur.. anything….

I concluded Jack’s story by assuring Brandon that Jack is much better than any normal four legged dog and there is no need to worry.

Brandon walked away some distance and kept looking down. “Are you crying Brandon?” , I asked…..wrong question….boys do not cry….

“No..okaay…!!! I am not crying…. okaay……it’s the sun…… okaay…..I am allergic to the sun….okaay……can we give Jack a wooden leg?”….

I wanted to hug him…but remembered once when his mom had given him a goodbye kiss before he got onto the bus, he told her… “Don’t kiss me okay!!”…

Thank God I was saved by the bus coming….


Anonymous said...

i'm glad there are still children around like Brandon. i think it tells a lot that he feels so deeply over even a description of hurt to an animal.

Anushya said...

kidnap him...lets adopt him...quick! bundle him up and lets run away somewhere and raise him.They are rare gems these kind of kids.

Yasmine Claire said...

yep...even now..when he sees me in school he asks how the gang on the road is.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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