Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The daughter of the associate principal of a very well known school killed herself. Since she had got only 85% , according to the standards of that school, she must have been a

dull student. Not at all in the league of the 99% kids they breed there.

The head of t he institutions actually conducts a cleansing out of students he considers dull. Dull perhaps being below 80%. Naturally then, how could the daughter of the associate principal bring such shame to the institution and her family. I have visited that chain of schools when I was with my pervious job. The students move silently in the corridors like robots, hands behind their backs, looking straight ahead, unseeing. Part of the discipline he says.

He does not believe in helping average and below average students, filth in his hands according to him. No time to deal with the likes. Students with special needs, learning disability, dyslexia etc have no place in his hallowed institutions. They are kicked out, dumped like trash. He does not believe in progressive educational methods, learning labs, resource rooms etc that cater to the different educational needs of students.

Disgusting and horribly ironic that this girl, the principal's daughter paid a price for the pathetic philosophy of this school.


Anonymous said...

No wait yas. The papers says that they initial results told she had failed - thats why she suicided. It was only later that the results were corrected to show 85.

Yasmine Claire said...

oh ok..still , that is the way that school's philosophy is....cleanse out the not at par

JP said...

I was always happy with my 60.1 % PU results. I think people need to realise tha tfailure, if it happens, is just an opportunity to take stock and do better on the second attempt. Also, I think we need bloody lighten up. Uber-achievement isn't the be-all of existence, parents and teachers!