Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Sacred Feminine

Adore me, I am Shatki, fear me,I am Kali.
The skulls I hold drip with your blood, without me your dance is incomplete. Ash smeared one, your locks do not trap me nor does your eye burn me.You are my slave, the universe resounds with my name (who are you without me).

I am Radha, I need no walk in the fire to prove my love.You dance…..for me… play your flute…..for me…..the world knows you because of me…

I am Sita, daughter of the earth, I hold in me more suffering than you can ever bear.

Maha Kali, Bhava Bayankari, I am destruction. I created myself to destroy you.On your destruction I shall dance, on your flesh I shall feed of your vital sap, I shall drink.


George Supreeth said...

ok. if you appreciate Shakti as much as your post suggests, run to Krishna of Bookworm fame and ask him for those old prints he's saving. If you're lucky he's got some kickass prints from the turn of the century, Bengali origin. She's absolutely beautiful. run!

Yasmine Claire said...

oohhhh thanks!!!!