Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Walking in and out of the hundreds of clone like shops in a mall the clone of another mall I stumbled upon a dress shop. I was looking for a simple black top…no fuss..no glitter….no strange cuts…just a short black top…..(I am still to find one)

Instead I found a LBD…..black, small, with a seductive neckline. I pushed it away with a sigh. My friend who’d have none of it and more or less forced me to try it on. There I was in the trial room wondering what would happen if it tore, if it id not fit, if I ended up looking like a sausage…..horror..terror!!

As it slid down my neck I knew I was wrong……what a perfect fit…..I had to make sure the person in the mirror was me….oh! no wonder they go into raptures over a LBD.

With a price tag or 3k I was not going to buy it…..still…for that one moment I was a queen…..!

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