Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Any Takers!!!?????

I have always wanted to write something that combines myth, fantasy, history, altered states of perception, altered, not necessarily by the use of drugs, but perhaps on the strength of will, the concept of parallel dimensions layered indefinitely within our world as well as infinitely in the universe, stringing in the unsolved mysteries of our world-the Stonehenge, Easter Island, Bermuda Triangle, the myan temples, the Incas, Atlantis, Egypt, …….all into one huge or maybe many bits of story……….illustrated or otherwise…though I think illustrated will be great…..

Jellic keeps telling me to do at least some, any writing once a week. I must.

Anyone who thinks the story idea is exciting enough…please do write stories that include all or most of the concepts mentioned above and perhaps then we could just have fun exchanging them……



Jellicles said...

i think fantasy will include mythology..or rather the underlying common thread of mythical joseph campbell mentions.

go for it!

here (do read it..but you better get a damn good ..and cheap..connection first as its online) is one of my friend's first attempts. it took him ages to finish it. and then there are those who write zingy short stories in a week. more than anything else, writing is a habit. just do it!

Anonymous said...

interesting, but pretty restricting. how about just any writing maybe?
jellicles, the friend's story made me physically sick. must be a strange reaction.

Jellicles said...

but finny, that's a good reaction...:)