Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cookai, Mohini, Custard and Popsicle and all the cats with Tigger and his gang of dogs would like to tell everyone that their Mama is getting married!

She is getting married to JP ( WE ALL LOVE JP!)

JP is very cool and very smart and he knows exactly what we like and exactly what we don't. He never scolds us, he lets us do whatever we like and we think that he is so much fun. We run the JP fan club. Membership open. We already have millions of feline fans and many many canine fans and yes you may join. ( Popsicle takes a small break and Yasmine walks in!)

ahem! so that is what you have been up to! well well club eh?! for JP??!?! what about me???????

ok ok...yes people it is true...I am getting married.

to JP!

Super intelligent and totally charming. Ask my cats, they have changed loyalties. They are totally and completely his.
JP writes wonderful stories, plays beautiful music knows a lot about everything you know, did not know and will never know( no one can possibly have read as much or as diversely as him).
as my students say he's the bestest!


Jellicles said...

as long as popsicle approves...

congratulations, you guys!

Sushruta said...

Nicest pic... and bestest wishes :) to two amzaingly wonderful people.

Jellicles said...

i was thinking about leela today. she met jp for the first time when he came to pick up polly.(and if iirc, she didnt try to kill him or scare him away with the barking...which says more about jp than about her restraint, i think..not a bad sign at all, eh?). didnt she pass away soon after..

and now..there is a gubby!! altho' she can never be leela..dont get me wrong, i am sure gubby is just about as awesome as any doggy can get..but she's no leela, is she? point is that i think leela not trying to kill jp is the greatest compliment jp can receive from the animalkingdom..not to mention her approval..her final word on the matter, as it were..but i am glad the two met even if her first meeting with him was her last.

Yasmine Claire said...

oh ya...Leela said JP's ok! :). she must have told him that her job of looking after me was over and she could relax!

Janani said...

Congrats Yasmine! Have a wonderful wonderful life together!!

Leela said...

Wow...totally weird! My name is leela and my potential husbands name is jp...jst think this whole jpleela thing is weird...dats all:-) hahaha