Monday, November 26, 2018

Endless, endless, the walk through
dark, dank, dead caverns

On your lips a reed
breathing out songs of hope
of times that were
of things done and loved
of whispered hopes that now may dare see

Then you remembered his burning eyes
his Queen’s half formed smile
and her promise.

Seeds and seasons
light and dark
despair and hope
longing and fulfilment
and you wondered
endless, endless
deep, so deep
down here where everyone sleeps
does she keep awake, longing?

Is that why, Eurydice
shimmering, dissolving, sleeping Shade
was spared
and made to follow you, Orpheus
with a promise
you knew you’d never keep?

Is that why
when she walked
thorough lands now familiar
towards another, now forgotten
in a moment you knew
where her heart lay
and turned?

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